Saturday, June 19, 2010

More Crochet and Meg

Another Crochet knee Rug and Meg.

Games Mascot

Shoe/foot. Sides and upper in all in one and sole.
Taped together.

Added to the bottom of the leg.

Games Mascot

This is the Mascot Continued. First is the pattern shape i want to replicate, Black Nose Shape.
The piece is made into cardboard with my trusty black tape.
this next piece will be the puffy cheeks.

the side whiskers one side only. the other side will be just the same, just flipped over.

Games Mascot

I have not done sewing for a while, and now i have a new project.
Commonwealth Games Mascot. I will be doing step by step, my favourite thing to do over the next few days.
Looking forward to it!
Fabric has been chosen, brown, white, red and black.

Trusty cardboard and tape at the ready, measuring and laying out on the floor, with Tilli to help.