Monday, February 1, 2010


Tilli, She is my Cat of the Day. Fast asleep after being outside supervised. She loves to go out in the garden but she is a jumper, and cannot be trusted to be out in the garden unsupervised. But every day at least once sometimes twice for a half hour or more my cats go out the back garden for some play time. They do have their own enclosed garden for the rest of the time.

Nephews Wedding.

Some sad news today, For regular readers of my blog will remember that i announced that my nephew was getting married on the 14th of Feb this year. Well the wedding is off, they have the sad thing of letting everyone know, but also canceling all the stuff they have booked, the church, the hall, the photographer etc, but they realised that they are too young, both just 20 and they need to know more of themselves first. Things are pretty raw here at the moment. plenty of hugs and kisses for them both at the moment.

Inspirations Magazine

Having posted my Swap partner items today, i went to the newsagents and bought this magazine, Inspirations May issue. I am so looking forward to making so many things from this book for my new Swap Partners! every one of the things in this magazine i would be happy to make and give. Now that is a sign of a good buy.


I will be posting two swaps today to my partners as i signed up to be a secret Angel for a couple of ladies who had not received anything from their swap partners, I will post a picture of what i had made as soon as i know they have received them.

I have also signed up for another swap group and that starts today. I have 4 partners and i am looking forward to getting to know them so that i can make appropriate gifts for them. We all enjoy getting prezzies through the post, so much better than a bill!

Bridal Shoes

I thought i might show you the Bridal shoes that my daughter has bought. they are leather, with brown trim and really lovely.

Sorting Out

This is my newly tidied part of my craft storage area.
i have pared down my yarn and fabric, added a couple of things like my sewing machines, and the floor space is clear too.
I have one box that is my current projects box, knitting and sewing and that is it! I have bought a couple of boxes and sorted stuff in the caravan, still in progress, Felting stuff in one box, paints in another, wool coats in a box and cotton fabrics in another. though it is taking much longer than i thought it would in the end i think it would be easier to see what i have.