Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Stuffing and Kitties

I thought i might share this with you. A good place to buy good quality fiberfill stuffing in Victoria is from this place. The Pillow Factory. My friend picks up a bag for me a couple of times a year, Sorry, I cannot for the life of me remember how much it costs, but a 5 kilo bag B grade stuffing works well for dolls. If you know of a good place to buy stuffing or doll supplies share your thoughts with us.

Cat picture for the day. Sitting in Sunshine.


I asked my daughter Steph if she had any pictures of Zena and Gabrielle the guinea pigs for my blog, she did, she also sent me this one. Mark and Jake. I just had to show it. They were inseparable. both fast asleep on the carpet.
This picture was taken a few years ago now, but still is the most recent picture i have of my middle son Mark. He is an introvert, very loving, kind and thoughtful but very camera shy.

Zena and Gabrielle. These two guinea pigs were my daughters pets. We bought them one day whilst at Preston Market We went to the market with my daughter Stephanie (Steph) and it was then that we asked her to choose two guinea pigs. Hedley (my husband) and I had discussed it and we felt she was responsible enough to take care of these lovely little creatures, cleaning, feeding and playing with them. Coming back in the car, with the two on her lap in a cardboard box she could not stop crying. She could not believe they were hers. She was wonderful with them. Gabby (brown and white one) was older, more timid and Zena (black and white one), younger, quicker and more adventurous.
They have passed now but were with us for 7 amazing years. We bought their play equipment from Bunnings wide plastic piping.

We kept their hutch in the family room. It was a favourite treat for Puds the dog to be indoors and watch them. We called it Pud's T.V.
I can recommend guinea pigs as pets for kids.