Saturday, January 14, 2012

Purple Fair Chair.

I remembered to take a picture this time before it goes to it's new home in the school.

Tilli and Meg and school stuff.

Tilli and Meg in the back garden stalking each other around the cat nip. (Tilli loves this plant).

Tilli after having rolled herself in the cat nip.

New Project for next week, These cushions for the floor were made 3 years ago, Time does go quick! This time they will all be different and will be the representing the colour wheel. plus one white, one grey and one brown.

These two chairs also covered here 3 years ago are having a make over. They will be plain black.

This is a small piece of carpet that will be the door mat for the classroom. I will be hand sewing this wide binding i have made out of black fabric. It will protect the carpet edges. I have made Loads of this binding to take with me to the classroom to edge the main carpet and it will make it last longer too.