Thursday, June 5, 2014

Close Ups.

 I thought you might like a couple of close ups. Bias binding sewn onto the picture, flipped and then blanket stitched onto the background through the sandwich the same colour as the cat body. The blocks will be quilted around the frames in the same colour as the body on each piece except for the uncoloured pictures. Those will be in black. The thread on the back will be white throughout.
 The binding on the front is white. 2 1/4 inches wide.
I thought I would give the bias binding a try since I have plenty of it and it works! this is the back. 1 inch bias binding.

Quilt In Progress.

 Decision has been made. They are going to be quilt as you go blocks, at the moment they are 10 inches and will be finished as 9 1/2.  3 blocks wide and 7 blocks long. The fronts are all on dark backgrounds of black and white. They will be joined together with white.
 This is the back, all the same horses in shades of grey. The back will be joined with teal.

Batting and fabric for the borders which I will do after the rows have been done to get the size right.
 My bias binding collection. The colours will be used to frame the teal cat pictures.
All the other blocks will have this bias binding which I was given at the last cloth doll club meeting.
I like it when a plan comes together.

Cat Quilt Continued.

 All the pieces of the cat stuff has been cut out, all the pieces have been coloured in and each cat is the same size. 4 sets of 6 pieces in total.
 Now the decision is to how to put them together,
I am thinking panels with black borders that go down the centre of the quilt, but that might change! Time to play!