Monday, July 8, 2013

Angels for the Forgotten Charity.

This year we are having on Saturday at ACDA our cloth doll club we are having our Christmas In July meeting and our yearly fundraiser. This year we are supporting Angels for the Forgotten.
On the list are things we can make to donate and things that they need so today I have been preparing some things. I am using the laundry bag style draw string in the size that they need, 40cms by 50cms. using both left over fabric from Aussie Heroes and fabric I have put aside for the K Mart Wishing Tree at the end of the year. (I have plenty of time to find more fabric for it before then). I am making 6 sets. In the bag there will be colouring pencils, eraser, pencil and a sharpener. I am also making 6 Angel blankets which will have the wool fabric on one side and cotton on the other. These are 70cms square.
This is the link for things that they need.
As always I am enjoying what I am doing.