Friday, November 12, 2010

Pin Dolls

Back of the pin doll before the hair and face was done.
Pin doll finished.
The dress was made on the doll after i did the first couple of rows in a large loop that went on the neck of the doll. Each round until the waist was single crochet, then i used a single row of trebles, the next row was 2 trebles in each treble, this doubled the fabric being made. The row after that was again, 2 trebles in the top of each treble I was then happy with the amount of fullness and the last row was single treble in the top of each treble to end.

Go Giveaway

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Pin Dolls

I had been to Savers in Greensborough the other day and bought these lovely tapestry and embroidery yarns and was wondering what i was going to do with them, and i thought of Pin Doll Brooches. I cut out the pin doll pattern onto freezer paper and ironed them onto flesh coloured fabric.
I then sewed them all around leaving an opening for the arms and snipped on the back of the head and body to turn them right sides out. I use turning tubes to turn them right sides out. What this means is to insert a larger tube in the fabric with the smaller tube on the outside and push them to make it go right through.
Turned right sides out and stuffed. The are 10 cm tall.
Then i decided to use a variegated thread to crochet with and started to make a dress on the doll as i went. More pictures tomorrow with the recipe of how the dress was done. Light in the house is not good for photos right now.

Fabric Giveaway

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