Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Shopping and Sewing.

 Armed with $40 and thanks to my boys (they give me $10 a week for Savers Shopping trips) I bought this cane thingy for $5, I will turn it into another quilting ruler holder, (a gift for a friend for Christmas).
 This delightful book for my Crafternooners,  for $3. All the wonderful creatures are made from gloves! How utterly charming, and a pair of gloves are available at the $2 shop, perfect!
 Before I went out I made 4 more laundry bags.
Lastly but by no means least, this lot from Savers for $23. The main reason for my trip there today is that I am down to my last couple of balls of T shirt yarn to make cord with. All of this will be used for my charity makes, and from all the research I have at least $140 worth of goods here. A Really good day. Plus the sun is shining! The wool will be scarves, the pencils for the Angels for the Forgotten and the 4 ply cotton will be made into cord.