Friday, February 7, 2014

Massive Giveaway.

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This is Huge! Maureen Cracknell  Handmade sponsor this week is Hypernoodle, Just fabulous!


 The quilt I am working on right now for Aussie Hero Quilts and Laundry bags is a blue and white one, this is the sashing strips ready to be separated for the rows. I assembled the blocks in much the same way, so much quicker and less tails to worry about.
 I don't normally share what I eat, food ordinarily is a bit of a chore and a must do rather than a pleasure, but this is what I ate for my dinner yesterday and again I had the same thing today, and I really enjoyed it!  strawberries, blackcurrants, raspberries, grapes and button mushrooms.
This is the quilt I am working on.It has 4 lots of blue and white. 3 blues on the block and one on the sashing.
This is the block I have used.
Colours 1 and 2 stayed the same, but colours 3 and 4 have half the colours switched. This makes no 2 colours touching.
I will show more tomorrow in the day light when the colours will show up better. I am putting the strips of the quilt together this evening.