Monday, March 7, 2011

Trauma Dolls

Our cloth doll club called A.C.D.A. each month has a charity drive that is called Trauma Dolls. These are little pancake style cloth dolls made with calico. These dolls are made for the children who are having surgery and the procedure is shown to them via these dolls. The kids are then able to keep the dolls and this helps in their recovery. Our particular hospital goes through 30 a week. This is what I have been doing yesterday and will be finishing off today. I have sewn 30 bodies, 7 have been stuffed, 10 turned tight sides out, 13 ready to turn right sides out. I will be stuffing the rest today and I have some calico left that I will sew and cut out to take to the club to share with the girls, they will take one each home to stuff and bring back the following month.