Friday, December 14, 2012

Bias Bound Dress.

In the last post I wrote about making the bias binding. This is the dress I have done today with that binding on it. In this way it finishes off the hem nicely and there are no raw edges since the side seams on the dress are french seamed.

Easy Peasy Binding

 This is an easy way to turn your strips of fabric into binding.
First fold your strip in half, iron, open up and you have your middle seam. Measure this and make a cardboard strip the size you want to turn in the sides and draw a line on the centre of your cardboard and line it up with your centre. fold the sides in and iron.
remove the cardboard, fold in half and spray starch and iron once more. Repeat all the steps then roll up your strip.

Crafty Stuff and Meggie.

 Meggie and Tilli, Love this food toy! A gift from my daughter and her husband.
 Unpicking some fancy braid so that I can use it in 3 ways.
I covered my table top ironing board this morning in the left over fabric from my daughters couch. I have ordered a sleeve board and that will be covered in this fabric too, Today is our Crafternoon day, the last one for the year, We will be having fun this afternoon.