Saturday, June 13, 2015

Aussie Hero Quilt In Progress.

Aussie Hero quilt in progress from donated brick blocks. I have made it longer and wider than it needs to be so that when I have quilted it I can cut it to size.

Aussie Hero Quilt Donations.

 I had a really lovely surprise when I went to my cloth doll club yesterday. (ACDA link is on the right hand side of my blog).  Jill who does the most delightful knitting for charity bought in for me some lovely quilt things to be used for Aussie Heroes. These are from a family member.
 A brick quilt top pack,
 A whole quilt top.
 An almost finished quilt, This will have to be altered to make it fit the requirements, looking forward to the challenge.
This lovely piece of quilting to be incorporated into a quilt.
This lovely lady is now a friend on facebook too.

Also yesterday when I was in the op shop I was looking for postcards and chatting to the lovely ladies there about Aussie Heroes and now I can gauge pretty well those who really want to know more, We were chatting for easily more than half an hour and they took down the details and will be chasing it up. Every where I go I have my photo album and now the magazines with Aussie Heroes will be going with me everywhere too. A really good day.