Monday, May 14, 2012

Mr Men and Little Miss Appliques

What I am working on is some hand made appliques of mr men and little miss to go on the back of a couch in the school library. At the moment the couch is a simple straight 2 seater in a dark blue that needs a bit of a colour up lift. I plan on making the black outlines in a black velvet type fabric and sewing it onto the colours of the characters and then adding vlysofix to the back and ironing it onto the couch. the yellow of this girl for instance will be cut out flush to the black outline once I have sewn the black onto it.

The outer edges and the red of the pig tails will not, to give it the simple look as if a child has coloured in a page. the size is of the characters are roughly 35cm tall by 41cms wide, so they are quite large. the plan is to make characters for the back of the couch and 1 on the outer sides of the arms. I also plan on making 2 cushions to sit on the couch. these will be square. Fingers crossed!
The fabrics for the characters is polar fleece.