Thursday, July 2, 2009

Savers Opp shop

After buying cat food we went to Savers and dropped off some clothes my boys had grown out of, and other household goods, I then went inside and this is what i bought. A packet of Iron on thingies for $4. I think they are going to look soo good on the Charity dolls clothes, Especially the boy's T shirts.
A packet of 12 watercolour pencils for $2.

and elastics and thread for $4.
I call this a good shopping day!



These pictures are taken today especially for Steph, my daughter and my friend Vikki's daughter who has been ill recently, and is kitty obsessed like me.

Meg and Tilly at the trough!! No, this is not the usual way of feeding them. We had just been shopping and refilled their food storage container. There are two kinds of dried cat food here, diet and multiple cat food. aren't they being good! eating the right foods for themselves.
This is Puss. This cat belongs to the owners of the pet food store in Greensborough. She is 22 years old, has been blind for a week and is getting used to feeling her way around. She has high blood pressure which resulted in her blindness but she is not in any pain.


Win: 1 Frosted Memories Fat Quarter Bundle by Holly Taylor for Moda Fabrics !
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Doll Continued

The doll body stuffed with old dressmaking paper, that i also share with my kitties. (this paper does not get thrown away, but is used over and over again). The string is the measurement i have already decided on, the height of the body too.

Kitty Helper!

Foil and paper ready to go...
Kitty helper again. The tin does not contain biscuits, they are long gone. They have my wire cutting tools, wire and soldering iron, and a hot glue gun with hot glue sticks. I have my supplies and stuff in many many tins. on the cardboard is the sketch of the body, (i told you i cannot draw!)