Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Spotlight Sale And A Gift.

 Spotlight has discontinued quilting fabrics on sale for $4 a metre. I went today and this is what I bought. (I definitely have the quilting bug!) I am thinking of sashings and borders. (Thanks for that Robyn!)
While I was there, one of the wonderful staff called me over, (I have always said that my Spotlight was the best!) She has been carrying this with her for a month, A Krakow Dragon. A gift for me when she went back home she thought of me, How wonderful! 4 years ago when things were quiet one day and we had a chat, she told me all about the legend and I never forgot it. I thanked her later on.
Here is a link all about the legend.
How wonderful to be given such a lovely gift. The dragon and the marble are just 1 1/2 inches tall.

Quilt Blocks.

This is the 12 inch block cut into 4 inch equal bits and by turning the rows around before sewing back into blocks you get these. 9 slightly different blocks. I am beginning to understand the fascination with quilting.
I think If I make all the blocks like this, and have strips in between them to break them up I think it could be interesting.


 This is the start of the pinwheel block from this tutorial.
I sewed the top 2 together then the bottom 2 together,
 then I had a play with the two pieces and this is what happened. Pretty cool!
 Then this way too.
This is what I decided on. All the blocks I have cut up ready to sew are a mixture of 3 colours, red, white and blue.