Sunday, January 5, 2014

More Cats.

2 more cats made, this time with embroidered faces. Thanks for the advice. There is enough fabric from that piece to make 2 more. They are cut out ready to sew for another day.

First Toy For Charity Made.

This is the first toy for charity made for this year.
A Wendy Gratz pattern. This is her blog where she has a link for this and many more softies and is a fun read too.
The changes I have made to the pattern is where the opening is for the stuffing and turning. I have added it to the back and not on the base, I have also not stuffed the tail or the paws so that it is softer to lay on if the child wants to use it to sleep on. I have also omitted the embroidered whiskers, Still I think it is really cute. Makes it more like a pillow.
This is the first of the toys I will be making from the donated fabric from a very generous blogger and reader.

Marking On Minky.

I thought I might like to share my tip on tracing your pattern pieces onto minky or polar fleece.
I found a great pen in silver and gold from the newsagents called Xsc Bright 100 Greetings card pen. It is a metallic marker that has a fat nib that I use to mark my pieces to cut out with. You only have to very lightly trace around your pattern pieces with it, no dragging on the fabric to leave a mark. When I have two pattern pieces that go together by reversing them, ears for instance, place a dot on the centre of one pattern piece to know which go together in pairs.