Sunday, February 21, 2010

Olympic Mascots Finished

Here they all are, from left to right you have, Sumi, Miga and Quatchi.
They are all on their way to Renee's' house right now, ready to surprise the kids at school tomorrow.
I am so happy that i was able to pull it off and finish them on time. I hope they will like them.

Olympic Mascots continued

Sumi body cardboard template.
Made into 3 dimentional. I have added a body gusset base.
Dress, this will be pinned and sewn onto Sumi.
Feathered feet in progress.
Sumi, ready for the finishing hand stitching.
This is what i will be doing for the rest of the afternoon after lunch. All the mascots have hand stitching left to do on them.I am looking forward to seeing them all finished.

Olympic Mascots continued

This is the last of the Olympic Mascots i am making, This is called Sumi. I have just finished the head. It is now 4.30am and i need to go to sleep cos i have a doctors appointment at 8.30am.
I am happy with what i have done today, considering i started on this project yesterday at 9am so i have been on it constantly for about 18 hours. Thank goodness for Vitasoy Chocolate soy bean milk substitute, i have drunk a litre of it today and that has kept me going.
I will come back to this after some sleep.
I hope you have enjoyed what i have done so far.

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This is Meg, she is my Cat of the Day today, laying down on her back on the computer chair.

Olympic Mascots continued

This is what i have been doing today, I started and finished Quatchi, and re sewn Miga in the correct colours. I will also need to add the belly button too.
I have to sewn on the limbs and head but being black i will have to do it tomorrow.
I will be starting Sumi tomorrow too. Looking forward to seeing how i am going to do that.