Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dyed Fabrics

 This is the fabric I have dyed today, all dry and Ironed.
This is the colour ways I have managed to get, this was all on the same kind of fabric, over dying on yellow cotton. A fun day.

In The Garden

 This is our front garden, the roses are looking good!
This is what I am doing today, over dying fabrics. The yellow on the bottom is the original colour, the large packets are rit colours on the washed and prepared yellow fabric, the small fabics are wool fabric that was originally pink. I have used left over colours for that and they have 1 cup of white vinegar added, The large fabrics will be left for about an hour then washed through thoroughly in the washing machine until the water runs clear, the wool will be left over night then washed through by hand. The first time I have done dyeing was at least 12 years ago so fingers crossed!