Friday, January 17, 2014

Toiletry Bags.

 Today I have been busy cutting fabric in preparation for the toiletry bags I am making. First I ironed the fabric folded it in half and in half the other way and lined up the two fabrics and cut them out together at 11 inches square.
 this is the fabric opened up, 22 inches square. The bandanas are quite light weight and not square to start off with and 22 inches is the largest I can make them square up.
 So far today I have ironed and cut up 20 sets of fabrics and pinned them together in sets.
This is the first toiletry bag finished. a good sized bag, sturdy and fully lined bag.

Gingermelon Art Doll Giveaway.

How cute is this sweet doll!
Would you like a chance to win her? then go to
She is an amazing artist. Beautiful work and a delightful blog she has too. Good luck!


 This is my work space this morning. Finishing off the masks and wrist bands this morning, better now it is cooler! One set has gone to a friend who will give it to her grand son. She loves it!
 This friend knows I make stuff for charity and when she popped in yesterday she gave me some bandanas that a friend of hers gave her when they did not sell in the store and she passed them onto me.
Each bag takes 2 squares of fabric and ribbon. I have heaps of ribbon thanks to the Savers shop the other day! Not sure yet what fabric I will be using for the lining yet,
this is the link to the pattern.

I had a count and there are 90 of the wonderful bandanas. A great swap I think for the super hero outfit.