Sunday, April 22, 2012

School Library Chair Makeover.

All the characters I am putting on the chair is done. Added Hairy Maclary. Panda has his kite too.
At the top of the tree is a wool nest and fabric eggs. The fairies have been glued into place.
View from the back.
The other side. I went over all the drawings with a thicker texta. and added more colour.
Front view. I changed the seat to a bluey/green fur, for more pop.
The bottom of the tree has windows made of pearly shells, a face in the trunk, a frog and a lamp and finally a fairy door. All decorated with findings.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Yesterday I had the most Fantastic trip with my best friend. What a Brilliant treat! It was my first time going there and i loved it. So much fun and so much to see, I learnt a hell of a lot too. If you have the chance to do it then you should, You will not be disappointing, Be a time traveller and go, you will come back having had a wonderful time. I LOVED IT!
Amongst the Many different things I learned is that medicine has changed a whole heap!

Friends with Benefits

Look what arrived in the post today, My Friends with Benefits Partner, Wendy from New Zealand has outdone herself, Look how beautifully wrapped this lot is, and it smelt divine,
This is why, In the package is a wonderful soap and hand cream called Pohutukawa triple Milled Soap with Manuka Honey and the smell is just divine, a large packet of Hershey's Kisses and a very pretty fridge magnet, but the very best of all is this wonderful cushion with the most exquisite stitchery I am in awe of the tiny perfect stitches in very fine thread, Something I have never seen before. What a very lucky girl I am.

Monday, April 16, 2012

School Library Chair Makeover.

The Cat in the Hat finally has a face.
The Very Hungry Caterpillar food in felt and fabric on velvet discs on the back right hand side of the chair. The Very Hungry Caterpillar will be on the back top of the chair creeping over the top facing the front. The butterfly is stuffed fleecy fabric covered in buttons. with pipe cleaner antennae
Fairy 1 is wearing a dress from an adult skirt from Savers. Wings from the $2 shop for a pack of 6 wings. Needs the orange glued onto her hand. I will be leaving their faces blank so that the imagination of the person looking at her will giver her her expression.
All the same description for this fairy too. The dress fabric is from the same skirt. The first fairy is wearing a piece that was the front upper panel.
This is the view from the back of the chair. I am adding a fairy door to the tree and some mushrooms on the roots.
I think that the chair will be finished in about 2 more weeks.

The Oz Material Girls

Would you like a chance to win 5 PDFs from the Oz Material girls? then click on the picture and follow the prompts. Have fun!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

School Library Chair Makeover.

These leaves will be added to the bottom of the chair with roots that go along the bottom to give the tree balance along with grass and hand made felt mushrooms.
This is Pearlie the Fairy that went to Paris.
The Eiffel Tower in black with pearls added to represent lights. Not finished yet. Still having fun with it!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

School Library Chair Makeover.

This side of the chair is sea side and water scenes. Harry by the Sea, I am going to add sewing thread to the seaweed to make that pop. Then I am going to colour in the drawings to make them show up more too. since doing the r2d2 on the back i decided to give drawing the go. This is so much fun.
Spotlight had 40% off fabric yesterday ans along with the masculine fabrics I already had i have made a box of fabric to go to the Aussie Hero Quilts to post on Tuesday. It was very busy in Spotlight as you can imagine, so being my usual self I asked people what they are making, (I get so excited in Spotlight and I am very nosey) and told them what i was going to do. One lady ahead of us in the queue is in the forces and she had not heard of Ausise Hero Quilts and her mum is a quilter so I gave her the details. It was really lovely to talk to someone who may in the future be recieving one of these lovely creations, and i thanked her for what she is doing. She gave me a hug which was wonderful. The hour while we were waiting to be served went by very quickly.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

School Library Chair Makeover.

I have been working on the tree added the branches with leaves and oranges and lemons for a colour pop. The cat and the ape have been sewn onto the tree too.
All the animals have been sewn in place on this side of the chair. The panda needs a kite that will apear to be flying then this side of the tree will almost be finished. I have a fairy to add and birds too in the tree.