Friday, October 21, 2011

Tapestry Bag

I have been absent from my blog for a while, Busy working with my sons' Halloween project. He does not want step by step blogged about so this is another project I have been working on. Making a bag. This bag style is a take on the tapestry/Gladstone bag using available materials. This wine rack from Savers I have taken apart for the parts and will be the closure for the bag and the handles.
This is the parts of the assembled wine rack, scissors glue and leather to make the closure.
The leather has been glued to hold it all together on the corners and the centre of the moveable hinges are made so that it opens up flat one way only.
Materials used are curtains that my niece gave me when they redecorated. I will be making teddy bears with this fabric too. The wrong side of the fabric is used for the right sides of the bag, I just love the colourway. I have used the lining of the fabric for the lining of the bag.
The centre hinges.
A simple bag on the way to being made. All the sides are the same height and it is lined with a hard plastic bottom insert between the layers. It is just pinned at the moment.

It will have leather straps cut from the boots I bought from Savers for my Halloween costume, and I will make handles from the wine rack too.