Thursday, January 16, 2014



 Ice, is the order of the day. beakers of ice is what I have been having for the last few days, sucking them like lollies. As soon as the trays of ice are ready they are getting transferred into a container and then re filled. Lovely.
 2 days away from the sewing machine has me wanting to sew, very slowly though! Starting on the other parts of the costume, eye masks using this as inspiration.
 I traced it out and sewed on the lines, then cut it out. Fleecy sides together, sandwiching the elastic in between the layers.
 Some cuffs too, elasticizing the sides to allow different sized wrists. I am not putting logos on them so that they can be used for other costumes too. reversible too.
I used this page for my inspiration.

What I have been doing is slowly for the past 2 days is knitting this baby blanket. Knitted on the diagonal in garter stitch using 5mm knitting needles and this yarn from a friend (Tiffany, Thanks mate!) 2 balls of 100g 100% polyester Knit&Purl yarn from the reject shop.