Friday, December 11, 2009

Love this!
I Love this! They are not for eating though, they are made of fabric.
Do check out the amazing talent of this lady here.

Shopping in Melbourne

Just posting another alternative shopping idea.

Cat of the Day

Meet Cyan, My friends new cat, How Purrfectly lovely.

Daughters Visit

My daughter went home last night after a quick, mad, action packed, whirlwind 3 day visit.
Our plan was to go dress shopping and perhaps narrow down the search for the dress style she liked.
In this time we concentrated on the wedding.
Made the invitations, Looked at the glasses we had bought, Went to deliver the Softies For Mirabel and the first wedding dress store we went to and trying them on, was dress number 3. In her words, I LOVE IT!!!
So Dress Is Bought! The rest of That day was spent in a daze, after looking only for just under 1 hour, in a place we would not have been too if we did not drop off these toys we had found the perfect dress, She looks just stunning in it.
Yesterday we took her to see where we had booked her wedding to be, Wellers. As we were driving up the road, she started to realise she had been here before, This is the place where she and her partner first met his mum and they had dinner there. How spooky and wonderful is that!
Well I Did Good!! She Loves the place and more pictures were taken, the menu and wine list organised.
More on this another time.
My daughter went home last night, happy that so much had been achieved.

Wedding Gifts

Tree of Life Pendants.
These are handmade by Val Zdero and this is her blog page,
I was on her blog one day, reading the posts as you do when she had posted this wonderful wire wrapped tree pendant. One of the things we are doing for my daughters wedding is making many parts of the wedding handmade. ( gifts, accessories, decorations etc.) This was just perfect and i e-mailed her and asked if we could commission her for this set. ordered them and Then told my daughter, She then saw them and agreed with me, They are for the females in the Bridal party. The one in the centre is my daughters, in sterling silver and the others are in copper. The stones are my future Son in Laws favourite stone called peridot.
They are absolutely perfect, just what we ordered and her service and responses to our e-mails was just lovely.
If you have a loved one and would like to have a lovely piece of handmade jewellery, Look here on her Etsy page and log onto her blog, then i can honestly vouch for her. Just PURRFECT.

I Won!

Just look at this! I have just won it from a fabulous blog called the Art of Plush.