Monday, November 30, 2009

Softies For Mirabel

Sometimes you just need a break from sewing, I have taken a couple of days off and tomorrow I will finish the Softies for Mirabel toys. Pictures will be taken before they go to their new home.

Meg and Tilli

Tilli being the climber was more interested in the box. 20 seconds later they both came tumbling down no damage though, she asked me to put the box back to do it again, so i did! this game lasted two more times before she had enough.
Meg was more interested in tasting the leaves
and playing with the branches while we were setting it up.

Christmas Tree

Last year and for at least 10 years we did not bother with having a tree, we thought, well the kids are all grown up and so we did not make too much of it. Well my best friend did not agree with that, and so she bought me a tree for the table, (picture tomorrow) and my son and his girlfriend also did not agree with this and they bought this tree along with decorations.
We bought some lights today and put the tree up and it looks wonderful! All those years of missing out! Never again I say!! I just love it.

Santa Brooches in the Making

I went to Spotlight with my son and his girlfriend today to get some calico for her, and I saw this fabric and went bananas! I just love it, i right away thought, Santa Badges for my Cloth Doll Club Christmas Party. So I bought a strip that cost me $2.50 and enough to make 50 badges, cool stuff.
Two badges done, only 48 to go...
A close up of the face. Too cute!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Suffolk Puffs

If you are regular readers of my blog then you will notice that a lot of my favourite bloggers go here, and Julie has come up with a wonderful idea,

A way we can identify ourselves instantly! Wear a suffolk Puff brooch, How cool is that!
I won't be able to go, I would love to one day though, I love this idea, so i will be wearing one anyway! You never know when you are going to bump into or go past a fellow blogging crafter.
Jodie from Ric-Rac will be there with her wares, and she has a special offer happening, so be quick!

If you want to make a suffolk puff, here is a tutorial from Stitch Arena
And this dragon pattern from Cuddly Dragons and AFDenizens
I know i want to make one!
If you like gadgets then you cannot go past this one, Yo yo Makers from Clover
All it takes is a small amount of fabric, and a minute or two and you are done.


Tonight for the first time i have been talking wedding dresses with my daughter over the internet, without guilt of study in the way. How lovely this is.
Anyone having a wedding savour all the moments and cherish each step in the process cos it is once in a lifetime thing!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Molly Monkey

This is what i have been working on today,
Molly Monkey by mmmcrafts I will be making two of them,(I like pairs of things or more). so 6 toys in total will be going to Softies For Mirabel charity. Then i am done with toys for charity for this year, onto Christmas gifts for family and friends and Wedding Stuff!
My Daughter has just finished her last exam, She will very soon be an accountant!!! We are so very proud of her.

4 Toys

Four toys ready to go for Softies For Mirabel.


Now it is Tilli's turn to be Cat of the Day.


Just waking up from a nap, Now that is one cool cat!

Wedding has Been Set!

My Daughters wedding has been set! Sunday 20th March 2010
Hill End is still a go, but just close friends and immediate family but that is later down the track,
Bundoora Park, though lovely turned out to be an alcohol free zone, but here at Wellers in Kangaroo Grounds, Eltham Vic, turned out to be just right!
Just enough country to get the atmosphere, close enough for family to get too, and cost wise just right too.
What made it extra special to us is that Steph's future Mother in Law used to go here when she lived in Melbourne. So we are really really happy. Now i can concentrate on getting the decorations made.

Wellers Wedding Venue

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Calico Kitty

This is from this pattern by Cherryskin
Now i am going to stuff the sewing i have done for the day. finished pictures tomorrow.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Softies For Mirabel

What i have done today so far. I have downloaded and printed 5 patterns to use for the Softies For Mirabel Project, stuck them onto cardboard, cut them out, and put them into zip lock bags, asked my boys to a number between 1 and 5 and the answer was 1 so that is the one i started with Blinking Flights an original pattern by Rebecca Dunn.
Sewn two just need to stuff.

Softies Patterns

I thought i would add some links for free patterns that i will be using for the Softies For Mirabel Project Maybe they can inspire you too.
Please respect the designers and don't use the patterns for sale or print the patterns for sale, they are meant to be used for not for profit projects.

Looking forward to putting up pictures when they are done.
Thank you to all the wonderful designers for their generosity in giving us these patterns for free.

Softies For Mirabel

Softies For Mirabel is still happening, and i am going to use some of the fabrics for this because i have until the 10th of December to get them done and in.

Fabric Packs

Look at the two LOVELY parcels of fabric i have recieved from lovely Bloggers for my charity dolls. The Kindness out there amazes me, I won't name the people who sent them too me until i recieve notice that i can
Only this, I really do love all the fabrics, many of which i have never seen before, in fact i have never seen any of it before! Thank you ladies from the bottom of my heart you have spurred me on to make some more before the year is out. and for some other charities that are happening out there too.
You truly know the art of giving when it is something you would like to receive yourself, cos all the fabric is delicious.


I wish i was a good photographer, cos this picture taken last night does not do the sunset justice, it was just wonderful, everything has a hot pink blush to it that slowly changed and grew back to normal as the evening went. Very very nice indeed.


Want to win this book?
then go here, to LeKaQuilt and follow the instructions.
Unfortunately although this was only just posted on the blog today it is already finished!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Swap Arrived

At Clares Craftroom I entered an Ornament Swap, and this is what i have gotten back, A Lovely card and a PURPLE CAT ornament, Well I cannot tell you how delighted i am to get such a lovely swap, especially as my favourite colour is purple, and that I also think that cats rule the universe! I will be posting mine off to her tomorrow and I hope she likes mine as much as i like hers.

An update on the K.Mart. Christmas Tree toys,
I took them to Greensborough this morning They were very happy to recieve the dolls and toys, and are being processed rather than wrap them and put them under the tree, They like them all and think they will be very well recieved.
So Thank you all for all your support.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Look at what i won!
Vikki Stewart of Sew Useful Designs used a number generator and my name came up!!!
I must admit i really do like the Snowman, to see that i could have both wow, absolutely fabulous! to think i was wondering what i was going to make next, Now i know.
Thank you very much Vikki. I am one lucky girl. Having never done a stitchery, i will like to do this one first. Cool.

Friday, November 20, 2009

K.Mart Christmas Tree Gifts

They are so almost ready to go, Just have to finish sewing the limbs and the eyes on the elephants, and the gifts will be ready to go.
All 100 things for the K. Mart Christmas Tree, but before they go there, i will be doing Show and Tell at Spotlight at South Morang as this is where all the yarn and most of the fabrics i have bought this year have gone into the dolls and toys.
I can honestly say that i have enjoyed making them, and i wish you all A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
I also want to thank Jodie Carleton for her beautiful patterns, The Lady From Greensborough, Gina Denholm for some lovely boy fabrics, the ladies from A.C.D.A. for the buttons and fabric and yarn throughout the year, and all you lovely bloggers out there who have given me encouragement to enable me to achieve my goal this year.

Sleep or not to Sleep

Tilli, She just loves to sleep in the climbing post
I am sitting on the floor doing faces when i look up, and there is Meg looking down on me from the pool/craft table.
What i have been doing today, well yesterday, last night until now, 6am, Is it too late to go to sleep now? I got up off the floor to have a stretch only to realise that the sun has risen, the birds are singing, and i am almost finished on the dolls faces, Do i finish them or try to get a couple of hours sleep? Well i thought about it, and decided to carry on. I will have some brekkie a shower and freshen up and continue, I still have buttons to put onto jumpers. After finishing the rest of the faces.
Although i can draw my own faces to save time, this time i am using a face stamp from Katkins Designs
The Stamp is called Beatrix.
I bought this from her earlier this year at the Stitches and Craft show, and asked her permission to use them on the dolls i was going to make this year for the K. Mart Christmas Tree, and she was happy for me to do so.
I have gone over it with Prisma Pens, done the whites of the eyes with gel pen from the newsagents and coloured the lips using prismacolour pencils
Christmas Trees, all they need to have done on them is some decoration, and they will be ready for the Christmas Party next month.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

PIF Game

On the blog A House In The Country i read a post about PIF (Pay It Forward) and thought to myself, I would like to take part in this! and so i put my name down then i got an e-mail from Lizzie in July to say she was going to make me something,
and here it is,

A Lovely handmade bag, with a delightful stitchery on the front. I LOVE IT!!!
What a nice feeling it is to get prezzies in the post. So Now It Is My Turn,
Anyone want to play? If i choose you, your obligation if you want to play is this, I will make you something, then when you receive it you then have to post it on your blog, then choose someone else to make something for! How much fun is that!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Freebee Makes

Vikki Stewart of Sew Useful Designs and a good friend of mine has made this stitchery just for you! Do check out her blog, and her fellow members Among The Gum Trees for more amazing designs.

What I Have Been Making Today

This is the start of a pincushion for a swap at out Christmas Party using left over fabric from my dolls dresses.
The pin cushion is almost finished, the Trees are made in the same way as i had posted before but much simpler. They need to be sewn together down the middle, all 3 layers then stuffed and embellished, i will do that tomorrow. These are for our Christmas Party decorations at ACDA
These two miniatures when they are finished are going to be swap gifts. They need decorating.
I have enjoyed my break from the dolls today, Almost like a Holiday. I know the quality of the pictures are not so good because it is quite late, and day light is the best time to show pictures, but i needed a break and here they are.

New Room

This was our nephews room until Sunday when he moved out to his sisters place just down the road. We gave him all the furniture and things to give him a start and in its place we have bought a brand new bed and mattress and a bedside table That is all that is in there at the moment. As you can see it did not take long for my kitties to start exploring. I am going to put new bedding pillows and sheets and having never made a quilt, i would like advice.
I would like to make this room warm but neutral, not too feminine nor masculine, It is only a small room really it is described as study, any ideas? Can you post me any good places to start?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tilli and Meg

I thought today i would post a Tilli and Meg montage.
All taken on the same day, Look how they are alike when sleeping, The middle picture shows then running on their sides, dragging themselves across the carpet, I was just lucky to catch them as they were passing each other. I find my cats a serious diversion at times, they amuse me even when they are sleeping. When i feel stressed i take a few minutes and think of my cats, The stress just oozes away. I think that is the magic of pets.

Friday, November 13, 2009

ACDA Meeting

We had our cloth doll club meeting today at A.C.D.A. and i took in my bag of stuff i had made for the K. Mart Christmas Tree and the ladies loved them all. To make it even more special to me is that unbeknown to me they are actually asking for more donations this year, so i am more than happy i have pushed myself this year.
Going to get on with the final push now, and the next time you see this particular thread is the final pictures.
I am more pumped than ever to finish, so i must first get off the computer!

I WILL reach my goal of 100

I thought you might like an up date on my K Mart Christmas Tree dolls and stuff.
So as of this evening, this is where i am with it. only another couple of weeks to go, so here it is.
Total so far.

18 knitted bears.
50 dolls.
14 Cross Stitch Kits.
8 Pencil Kits.
4 Elephants.

Cut out ready to stuff and sew,
6 dolls.

Need to finish off,
Buttons on jumpers.
Press studs on dresses.
faces on dolls.

Total on toys = 100.

All this = a busy 2 and a half weeks

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Want To Make These?

Do You like these birds? want to make some? then go here, The Spoolsewing Blog and check it out! I like them a lot!!


Just how cute is this!!
Little Miss Heirlooms is having a tutu giveaway. do check out her fun blog
I know just the person who will look perfectly wonderful in it!!

Love a giveaway? then don't hesitate, quickly go to Shabby Art Boutique and visit her blog. Fabulous giveaway here to celebrate her re-opening of Woodberry Designs.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Parsley and Beet

Look what i have! This is a wonderful brand new pattern from Jodie Carleton, I am brimming with excitment and cannot wait to get stuck in and making some of these delightful fellows. 4 to go under the Christmas Tree in K. Mart.
If you love to make dolls, or even if you have never made one, and if you can use a sewing machine i can highly recommend her patterns. The instructions are lovely and clear with her lovely sense of humor thrown in.

Cat of the Day

Meggy is my Cat of the Day.
How lovely to be able to relax and stretch.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sneek peek

This is the largest of the cheap bags so i think you will know how big it is,
I thought you might like a sneak peek inside.
I must admit i had no idea what it weighed so i asked my son to do it for me. It weighs a hefty 12 Kilo so far.

Sewing tips

I just had to show you this. This is my favorite container for pins so far. I have tried many things and they all had their drawbacks, but this works perfectly. Large enough to get my hand in without pricking myself, and pretty too. there is about 1000 pins in here, (two 500 pin packs). Cocktail sausage jar from Aldi
How do you store things like pins etc, what are your favourite containers?

Bucks Night

This is what he came up with. Last night my nephew who is living with us while he is studying had his Bucks Night. (he is getting married on February 14th next year). One of his friends from work made up T shirts with their nick names on it and they even made up T shirts for my sons who they did not know. How creative! Love it!!

Great stuff. They came home at about 3.30 am and i was glad to see that they were not too wasted, in fact they stopped drinking at 10.30 pm after a visit in the City, What they got up to, i did not need to know, as long as nothing e legal happened and nobody got hurt. One person got arrested at the restaurant, too drunk i believe, but apart from that they had a good time.