Monday, April 22, 2013

Christmas On The Brain.

Both of these things were bought from Savers Mill Park. The dark green curtain fabric is going to be cut into long wide strips as table runners and the gold braid will be sewn around the edges for a simple but luxurious effect. (I need to make 5). I have an idea brewing for the actual table decorations, more on that later.

Always Busy.

 This is the 2nd batch of Christmas brooches cut out and pinned ready to iron on to wool suiting. Once they have been decorated they will be cut out and a final felt shape sewn onto the back to hide the messy stitching on the back and a pin brooch added.
 I had an idea, both cheaper and quicker to bulk up the boxes to show off the brooches, Instead of the original idea of making a stuffed pouch, recycled paper shredded does the job just as well.
 These is the first batch of brooches finished.
 I have sewed 15 trauma dolls ready to cut out and take to the cloth doll club to be stuffed by our members as they chat. I have also prepared 10 sets of 5 dolls for out members to take home and sew.
7 laundry bags made. I will make one more before they are ready to post.