Friday, February 5, 2010

Swap Angel

This is the two packages i made and have posted out to two people who did not receive their gifts from swaps they were in, and i decided to become their Angel Swap Partners. This is a swap where i don't get a package back, but made for just because! I think that most people when they enter an internet based exchange hope that they receive something but sometimes things do not turn out right and i felt sad to hear of bad stories and this was one that i read about, and being that they were both in Australia i felt i could help. They have my Thumb Pin Cushions, I hope they get in touch with me if they don't know what they are! they are made in the colours of their choosing. I hope they like them!

Swap Partners

This is the first thing i have made after my drastic clean out. This is a scissor holder complete with scissors and a pin holder with pins, all on a pink ribbon to have around your neck. The first of the 4 Internet Swap Partners i have this year. I hope she will like it!

Current Projects

This is the book i am currently using to make the following projects. It is one of my bargains called The Best if Handmade The Australian Womans Weekly by Mary Coleman. ISBN number 1 86378110 2 for those that want to do a search for it. I will be making the dolls this year, i think they are just delightful.
But this is what i am currently making, a knitted circular shawl for my sister Helen who is expecting a baby.
As well as this bear, using my own fabrics that have meaning for me. A great way to practice both patchwork and my real love of toy making. Looking forward to showing you my versions of them when they are done.

Tilli and Meg

Tilli enjoying herself in the One Day It Will Be A Veggie Patch Area.
She is rolling around in it and i have never seen her so dusty! I love it! it reminds me of when the kids were little and the best times are when they came home dirty. It will take her a while to get back to white, but she is loving it.
Even in the garden Meggie is not far from me, always at my feet. too cute!