Saturday, June 27, 2009

Our Pets now Passed

This first one is Puddy, Puds for short, (When the kids were little they thought it funny, (He is a puddy dog, not a poody cat).He was a German Sheppard , Labrador cross. Very very gentle, Loved his tummy and his ears rubbed. Bought from a market in Bundoora which has now closed.
This is Joe, He is a terrier cross with a bit of everything, who had just the biggest grin, He had a crooked paw, was cross eyed, and just LOVED Puds heaps, followed him everywhere, Puds used to dig dips in the garden for joe to sit in, so that when the wind blew, it would pass over him and he would not get cold. Joe was bought a little while later to be a companion to Puds, Also from the same market.

This is Jake. Jake got his name from my mother Joan, and her husband Mike. Originally i was going to use the first two letters from my mum and the last from her husband but that would have made him Joke. He was bought from a friend down the road. Their cat had kittens born in the back of a bus that they had in their garden. I picked the kids up from school one afternoon with him in my pocket. He was the runt of the litter and cost us 3 second hand Barbie dolls. He was a wonderful boy.
All three of them have now gone, but they were with us for about 16 years, and all passed away within a couple of years of each other. They were all runts of the litters, (i have a thing about the most needy). If i was to buy a Christmas tree it would be all twigs, i am sure of it.