Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Scream

This is a hand puppet i made for my sons' girlfriend, for her Art room when they were doing expressionism in particular Edvard Munch The Scream. The black body is made of speaker felt, a very thick material used in covering speakers. the rest is made of felt.

She Needs a Name

Side View of Space Hopper Girl. She needs a name can you help?

Back View. I enjoyed the process of making her.
First things first, tomorrow i will be cleaning up (i tend to spread myself out when i am doing a project) then I will be making some charity dolls for the next few days after that, But i won't be putting pictures of them up until December !st when they will be photographed together.


Space Hopper Girl is finished!! Although she still looks scared I am happy the way she turned out. The face on the Space Hopper is permanent marker. When i glued the handles on it changed the colour on the Space Hopper but I still like it.

I used a bent coat hanger to hold the Space Hopper still.