Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bra Fitting

I have been thinking a while about posting what i am about to say mainly because it is so personal, but then i realised that it has changed my life and could possibly help others out there too. Quite a few years ago now i went to get myself measured for a bra and was told by the staff that i was "One of those people" and "They did not make bras for my shape". this hurt me, and i did not bother about getting one.
Well my son Jonno told me that this was simply not true, his girlfriend gets fitted every now and then and she says her best fitting bras are the ones she gets measured for.
So i took the plunge so to speak and went for a fitting.
brasnthings in Greensborough. Well this lady measured me whilst wearing the bra i was wearing, got me the size it measured up with and it was not right, she took her time and gave me another size and well, believe me when i put it on i felt for the first time in my life that i was not a freak!! i was for the first time in my life wearing the in correct size. It also gave me back my waist!! my breasts feel comfortable in a bra and my clothes look better too! I am happy to say that i am a 14F and i had no idea that this size existed. I was so happy that i cried at the check out and told her about what happened to me previously and she told me that she was so sad for me that it should not have happened. So my advice to you ladies, if someone tells you something bad like that don't take it, report them, they should not be in their job. There is a bra (or bras)!! out there for you,

Christmas Swap

Daisy Quilts blog
has an exciting swap beginning to happen, so if you would like to make a Christmas Tree ornament to be posted by 1st December go to her blog and check it out! Hope to see you there!

Filter Paper Roses

This is the start of the filter paper roses. The filter paper i have used is called Harris Filter Papers sized 10-12 cup from the supermarket at $2 each. 40 filter papers and i have made 8 roses per packet. They have to be painted and curled.

I will be painting them tomorrow, then the day after that, cos they need to dry over night they will be curled.

New Project

This is the next project i am starting. having cut out my cardboard pieces am am going to make flowers and leaves using my ACDA door prize fabric.


This is a dog i met one day at MacDonalds. Her name is Paris and her owner gave me permission to post her picture.


This is Tilli in the Tub.
I had just finished taking out the laundry and before i could put down the lid, she jumped in and stayed there while i went and got my camera.