Thursday, September 30, 2010


My niece is expecting their first baby due in early January next year and as an Auntie i am very excited! This is what i have been working on in the last week or so. A knitted sleep suit and a jumper. My niece lives in the next suburb away and yesterday i taught her how to knit. Very exciting indeed!


Tilli is my Cat of the Day. Her white is not so white, but gray from the garden dirt. She will have her work cut out for her this afternoon! She had a wonderful time dusting her self under the garden herbs. At least she smells nice!


One day on a park bench a chef was busy carving this wonderful melon.
My nephews made this with me one day they are oven baked clay. In the morning we used play do then the actual things later on in the final product. A fabulous activity and a memory i will cherish.
Roll reversal! I taught 2 of my nephews how to knit, as well as my sister. This is one of my nephews and his mum.
Squirrels!! there are tons of them! 5 years ago when i was last in the U.K. you would see them in Hyde Park in London. Now they are everywhere and as plentiful as pigeons! I loved them.
Street baskets of flowers. Very very pretty and all over the place. All maintained by local councils. Love it!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


My Youngest sister (holding the baby) and her family.
This is a picture of my Brother and his family. On their youngest going to Pre School for the first time.
My Step mum and my sister (Mother of the Bride).
My dad and his partner.
The Bride and Groom (my niece).

Tea Pot

This Tea Pot is quite a large one. I made this one for my mum 5 years ago and forgot at the time to take pictures of it. My mum collects china tea pots and i am happy to say she has this displayed along with her china ones. It really does have tea bags in it. and the lid is hinged.
View from the front.
View from the base.

Toy Dogs

This is the dog i made for my nephew Sidney aged 2 months. I took this with me to England.
He is made of recycled coats.
This is the dog i made for my newphew age 2 and a half.
recycled coat and felt.

I am Back!

I am Back from my holiday in England. I had a most wonderful time and will be posting some pictures and memories of my time there. First though i am posting pictures of some of the things i had made in the time past.
This is the chess set i made for my sister Helen for their wedding 5 years ago. The box is plywood covered in fabric and the figures are weighted down with plastic pellets.
The box up turned is then the board.
I based the faces on playing cards.
This is the box closed. The board then becomes the top and the bottom of the box. It has a brass closure.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Groombridge Sussex

Today we went to Groombridge Place, a lovely country outing that had animals to look at and wonderful gardens to see, They also had Adam the Zonkey or Zedonk, depending on who you talk to, both are correct, it is in fact the result of a donkey and a zebra mating. Very very cute! This particular one came from America before finding the U K home.
This place had the most extraordinary walks, not having gone through most of it i can imagine that is has enough to keep you coming back for more. The play area was just brilliant, pics tomorrow of how it all was.