Wednesday, February 8, 2012

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School Stuff. and Fun Fabric.

Continuing with my puppet, I am making the hair. This is going to be a knitted wig, made to measure by adding and subtracting stitches as I go along. pinning on as I go.

Just how darling is this fabric! I think it is DIVINE! the picture has been taken from the blog with permission, If you would like to know more then go to A Few Scraps to learn more. (click on the picture to be taken there).

Cat of the Day.

Proof that cats can sleep anywhere, Tilly was having a lovely time resting in the sink until I disturbed her with the camera.

DIY Fluffies

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School Stuff.

This is a project that I am doing for the Art Room and posting step by step as I go along. It is one of those projects that I don't know how it will turn out, You are seeing it as it happens and I am winging it.
The finished head. Leave an opening in the bottom and fill with fiberfil leaving an opening for the shoulder/neck piece. I have decided to use a drink bottle. Keep the lid on it.
cover the bottle with a piece of the fabric you are using for the skin. glue it to the inside edge so that there is no rough edges.
place inside the body of the puppet. The puppet in this instance is made out of pure wool coat from my stash. The material and is fairly stiff so it will hold it's shape well even when not in use.
Pop the head on and ladder stitch it to the neck. The ears are not stuffed but have simple top stitching.
Roughly sew the body to the neck, this will be covered by the accessories, in this case the collar.
Adding the accessories. One glaring thing I have to correct is to stuff the arms.