Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cleaning and tidying.

 Not a lot of crafting this week, Lots of cleaning and sorting has been happening. but I did cover some folders with my hand dyed fabrics. Part of the sorting on the book case i changed my smaller individual folders for these larger ones. The plan is to have a smaller folder to hold the project I am currently working on then put it back into the larger folder when I have finished.
 Cover is sewn and slipped on.
 The final plan is to then sort out the contents and with felt applique on the spine the general contents, for example, knitting.
 There is no way I would post a before picture, the shoes at the front door were literally thrown into a pile. Now they all have a place. (I have only 1 pair of purple thongs, I must get some shoes before winter!).

The book case has been sorted, Many many books have been taken to Savers.
We have been busy washing the carpets and sorting out cupboards. All is beginning to get into order.
I am looking forward to getting back into sewing properly. I have been doing a lot of mending lately, turning up trousers, mending zippers, sewing buttons etc. My next sewing project is turning a doona into sofa cushions for my niece.