Sunday, July 12, 2009

Doll Continued

More of the shape and drape method. As this is a fixed doll and not a toy this works very well.

More shape and drape.
I will add more colour in the embellishments, embroidery and other bits and pieces it is evolving as we speak.
I will also be making a cat and a broom. I still have not decided exactly how i am going to do the legs yet, but i have an idea of what i want to do....

Doll Continued

Originally i was going to make some felt to do the clothes when i fell for the dreaded flu. So change of plans. I am going to use the mustard felt i bought from Zart Art the other day.
Using the paper towels i decided to tackle the clothes using the drape, pin, and tuck method.
The bottom of the dolls skirt was too flat and i decided i wanted the underside not to show so much. By making a 3cm mark on both the underside and on the outer skirt, pinning the stuffing away from it i was able to lift the underside up. Pinching the fabric as i sewed i had the shape i wanted and exposed the calves of the legs more, rather than just the ankles.

Pinned all around 3cms.

Materials used in pattern draping.