Friday, November 6, 2009

Cat of the Day

Having just spoken about cats i thought i should go and take a picture of one, Just as i was about to go and look for one, along came Meg. She just came in from the cat garden and plonked herself down with a big sigh. Perfect, Snap!

Dolls Dresses

What i have been doing today so far is getting and cutting my fabrics for 40 dolls dresses. I got up early today at 7am (after going to bed at 3am) and got stuck in. It was ideal because my boys were out and my husband on nights was sleeping. The two kitties were very happy in their cat garden and i was undisturbed. I got in the Zone!
When at just past midday i had a knock on the door and this lady i have never met before, asked me if i was Sue Niven. well the answer to that was yes, but what came after that astounded me. Look at this lovely fabric. She said that she loved my blog and that she was passing through and bought me this from Spotlight, is it suitable for dolls? i invited her in, (she told me her name and where she lives, Greensborough) but i was not to publish her name on my blog. How did she find me? She is a good friend of one of the ladies in Spotlight and this lady knew where i lived cos she had my lost cat card in her bag. (last year we lost a cat called Whiskey and i had printed hundreds of these cards with his picture and our address on it and i had been walking around looking and putting these cards in all the post boxes for several suburbs, and about 4 months.) Whiskey was not found but this lady kept the card in her bag. We had a lovely chat over a sandwhich and coffee and i told her she was welcome to pop in whenever she was going past.
I know she is going to read this, So here is the first doll from your wonderful fabric. Yes indeed it makes wonderful dolls. A HUGE THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.
This doll is made from a pattern from a fabulous designer Jodie Carleton. Do check out her blog. She has some delicious patterns in her etsy store too. You will love them. I know i do.