Saturday, October 8, 2011


Steampunk goggles from things I had and glasses from Savers. To make these I used two stack able bead holders for the lens, wire framed glasses with the arms taken off and the lens removed, double sided tape, copper coloured paper, 2 black rubber washers, leather and accessories.
First I prepared the lenses. Fold the copper coloured paper the size of the double sided tape so that no raw edges of the paper are there. Wrap around the tape around the edge of the bead pot.

I then cut the arms off a pair of glasses I got from Savers. Screw the opts where the lenses were. I then wrapped the centre of the glasses with copper wire.

Lastly I added the details. Black rubber washers and to hold the leather strap i super glued copper handbag clasps. and then placed it onto the hat. The last step is to glue the strap into place and snip the ends the same size. Total cost. $1.50 for the glass frames. The rest is bits and pieces I had already.


I am working on the coat right now, It needs to be pressed and the sleeves and ruffles added. This is right sides out with slanted pockets. The umbrella is finished.
The inner front lining is a different colour because I did not have enough of the original fabric, I like it.