Friday, July 10, 2009

My Family

This is a picture of Joce (Jocelyn) and his girlfriend Jo (Joanne). Joce is my nephew from Mauritius and he is here studying and has one year left to go. They will be getting married next year February 14th. WONDERFUL people and i love them very much.

This is my youngest Jonno (Jonathan). A very creative spirit, a muso and a gentle soul.

So now you have met my family (except my hubby who does not want to be photographed and i respect that). He too is a wonderful person without him i would be at best, living in a cardboard box in England under a bridge somewhere. I owe him my life.

Steph and Skype

This is the first image i had of my daughter Steph when we tried to contact each other through Skype. Although not quite what we wanted i loved, This is what i got anyway. I took a picture of the picture and here it is. To me it is beautiful. I miss her as she lives in Sydney and i live in Melbourne. I hope the glitches work out soon and i can really see her.

Felix Case

Felix the rabbit was bought from Savers . With a new nose and larger eyes he was cleaned and came up like new. The bell he is wearing was from a Christmas present, Just the right size! and the bow was a strip of cloth drawn and coloured to look like tartan. They now live in the classroom. I had just the best fun making the theme for the books.
This is how the Felix case started life as. A $3 cardboard case from the $2 shop.
This is after. I covered it in red cotton fabric, coloured in some tartan pattern with pencils and crayons.
Using real leather from a pair of pants from Savers I made the straps and the corner patches. Unless you are Hercules i don't think they would be great as pants.
these are the two books i bought today
Puppet Planet and
Puppet Mania both by John Kennedy.
These two books have re awakened my interest in puppets!
I will do a book review once i have devoured them.

Zart Art

More art in the theme of time. Cardboard, paints and Magiclay
I really like this stuff. It is very lightweight and pliable, can stick without glue and can be painted straight away. Cool Stuff!
Lovely clock.

Time Machine jacket. Who would not want one!!

Zart Art

The theme of the show was Time. and the central piece was a time machine. It is still being added onto, using pieces from the activities today and so far has taken 4 months to do. It is in two pieces that had to very carefully be taken up the stairs and reassembled. The propeller even turns!.
The lady with the pink tipped hair is the lovely Renee i have been talking about! She has yet to find out if she can have the pink in her hair for school. I think for an art teacher this is absolutely appropriate and hope she does not have to change it. She will find out on Monday. The time machine is all paper, cardboard, paper clay, paint and wire.
If you had access to a time machine where would you go?
I would like to go to spend the day with Charles Dickens. 1812 to 1870.

Zart Art

Renee came and picked me up to go to Zart Art
Unbeknown to us, and not the reason why we went. They had a separate building with cash only sales stuff. We went to check it out. Renee added up our purchases when we came home and this is what we spent and what it is worth.
It was so good we just had to share it. Do go onto the blog site and sign up for their newsletters/notifications to be aware next time they have displays and or demonstrations. You really don't know how much fun you will have. They also do Great newsletters and activity sheets to download too. Renee has a piece in the next newsletter not out yet. So if you have kids, like kids or grand kids, some great stuff and ideas to do with them.