Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hubby To The Rescue

This morning i was completely out of polyester fiberfill, not enough for what i planned and so i spent my time re-sorting out in to 3 categories, Finished stuff ready to go, hand sewing and machine sewing.
Having done that i needed more fiberfill, i then proceeded to see the stuff i had made for myself and i was ready to cut them up when my darling hubby asked me what i was going to do. I told him i needed more fiberfill. and that charity was more important and on top of that i set myself a deadline to get it done.
Well he came to my rescue, we went to The Pillow Factory and bought a two B grade 5 kilo bags, A 5 kilo bag costs $26.50. so now i have the materials i need to finish my projects.
They don't have a web site as such, but on their business card they have all their details i have scanned it here.

I like the quality of it and the price. What is your favourite place to shop for your bargain supplies? Do you know of a cheaper place in Victoria?