Sunday, September 30, 2018

Shopping And Next Quilt.

 Today, such a nice day, I went op shopping and came home with this lot. 11 Puzzle books $1 each, 2 vinyl storage boxes, a $1 each, Spool of thread, $1.50, card making card, $1.50, chipboard letter set $3 total spend, $19.
My next Aussie Hero quilt request is for mandala and elephants. Spotlight for inspiration and I found the perfect fabrics. The corduroy for the top of the laundry bags is $4 per metre, Mandala fabric $5 per metre, all the elephant fabrics were at $6 per metre, this quilt will practically make itself! I will be using navy blue for the sashings and brown for the binding.

The Pink Project.

Finished number 24

The Pink Foundation.

Started another one.