Friday, January 20, 2012

Cushions and Chairs.

These cushions covered 3 years ago are being cut up and reusing the usable filling and adding new filling as needed, the new cushions are in progress.
The new cushions are in the colours of the colours wheel. plus white, black, grey and brown. The school provided the fabric and the old cushions for this project so all that this costs me is my time.
The purple chair was delivered to the school yesterday and was a success! So much so I got an order for 4 more Fantasy Chairs, one a fairy chair with deep pink colours, two kingly thrones, one child size and one man sized. The school has a new male prep teacher this year, Very exciting cos male teachers are hard to find for this level.
These are the chairs to be revamped and restyled. Two black chairs seats need redoing cos they are ripped They will still look like chairs cos they are not the fantasy ones. The other chairs are to be fantasy chairs. Apart from the middle one, that is to be a mushroom in red and white with critters in it (the chair has a story behind it and has been in storage for a while waiting to be transformed.) I think I can do better and hunt out nicer shaped chairs for the fantasy chairs. We will see!
I have so many things happening at the moment I am in heaven! (I must give thanks to my husband cos his patience is amazing, he takes this chaos in his stride.)
My nephews wife Jo wants a pink fairy chair too!