Saturday, January 2, 2010

What I Have Been Making Today

Anyone following my blog now knows that the theme of the wedding is the Tree of Life.
This is what i am working on at the moment. This is on a 14 inch embroidery hoop, the backing is seeded cotton drill, the tree silhouette is on a self patterned brown fabric.
I ironed vlisofix on to the brown fabric, drew on my design, cut it out, and then pealed off the backing and ironed it onto the cream fabric.

I am now in the process of blanket stitching it all around with a shiny copper/gold/bronze embroidery thread.
When it is done i will be cutting out a piece of wadding to fit, turning the edges under and then i will be stitching the whole thing invisibly onto a large square cushion/pillow.
I maybe putting in other details, like beaded flowers, not sure yet. This is what i like about crafting something new. This will be my wedding present to Steph and Michael.
I am really enjoying the process.

Post Christmas Bargains

Biscuit tins from The Reject Shop.
Original price $8. Not bad you might say. 75% off = $2 each. so i bought 4. My husband comes home and he has also bought me 4 tins. I love the fact that they can stack.
What to do with the biscuits? Cos i only want the tins.

Cat of the Day

Borrowed camera, working. Tilli and Meg says Happy New Year.

Colleen's Quilting Blog has a great giveaway until the 9th of this month. Do check it out.


I am feeling really good today, Sleep is back! Thank you all for your lovely and helpful suggestions, very much appreciated. I had my usual 3 hours sleep last night and can now tackle the world.
I have started a new project, no photos yet as no camera until the 10th January, but it is a fabric wall hanging, with a cream background, It is round, done on a large 14 inch embroidery hoop, the main subject is in a brown self patterned fabric and has been vliofixed onto it and i am currently blanket stitching all around the raw edges using a gold/bronze/copper multicolored shiny thread. Most relaxing.