Sunday, September 27, 2009

paper flowers

Coffee filter roses.
I found this on Martha Stewart web site, downloaded the pattern and went to give it a go. My pictures will be up tomorrow and you can be the judge. this is the original designers web site, Love the flowers heaps! Mommy Makes Roses
I plan on making these for my daughter for the wedding, plenty of time to get the form and colours right!
I cannot believe i have been away from the computer and my blog for so long!! sometimes life gets in the way, and crafting takes a back seat, but all is good i assure you. Things are getting back to normal now, Having constant rain does not help, my sewing table is just covered in damp clothes. well the whole family room is actually, from backs of chairs and clothes hanging up and draped on all surfaces including my sewing machine, my camera is on charge and tomorrow i will be putting up some pics of what i have been doing. Thank you for the lovely e-mails i really do appreciate them.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Project

From my winning door prize stash from the Cloth Doll Club i belong to ACDA i have decided to use this lot. I am going to do some applique flowers, having not done applique before i have been reading a lot on the web the last couple of days and feel i have a fair idea of what i want to achieve.
As usual i will be posting my progress as it happens.


Today i have chosen Tilli as my cat of the Day. Usually it is Meg that likes my fabrics and wants to play with them but Tilli is very much taken with all this pink. she just loved rolling all over them. trilling sweetly all the while.

Monday, September 14, 2009

New Blog

I am so excited you cannot believe it! 9 Australian designers have got together to form this blog called Among The Gum Trees and i know one of the designers personally and the others by name. They are launching it on the 5th of October so go over there and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Stephanie has designed and made the Invitations to the wedding, I love it!!!
the background is Hill End and the ribbons are from Spotlight. I think it suits their style perfectly. Old worldly with a modern touch. She has also designed some postcards too depicting Hill End as reply cards that she will stamp and address herself so that they will be properly addressed. Things are really moving along quite nicely. Anyone contemplating a wedding has a lot to think of, but remember the most important thing. It is a celebration of the love of two people sharing themselves with the people they love the most. and it is as simple as that.

This is a set of Tea Light Candles chosen as part of the wedding decorations. My daughter lives in Sydney and we live in Melbourne, and although this is her wedding we are very much involved, running our ideas back and forth. Well this was one of them. I bought a packet, e-mailed her a picture, got a Yes from her and promptly went out and bought 11 more packets!! So now we have a start. 36 of these delightful candles. the colours of the wedding is cream, copper, old gold with brown and pistachio accents.

A.C.D.A. Meeting

At our Cloth Doll Club called ACDA on Saturday we had our annual Pink Day fundraiser We had to wear pink clothes, bring pink food, something pink for the raffle and bring along money to buy raffle tickets.
Well, I thought last year we did good, but we topped ourselves this year, just in the amount of prizes to be won. I think there was 15 in total, Very very nice!I have really never thought of pink very much and certainly not a good colour to wear, boy, was i delighted to be proved wrong! The atmosphere in the club was calm and to have such a wide range of pink was indeed delightful! I won a prize! This wonderful painting by one of our members. She is really lovely, now where to put her! she is just propped on the craft table for now, but i will hang her up very soon.
I also was very lucky and won the door prize too!!!! Each month we have a colour palette or a theme to bring something to add to the door prize bag and of course a profussion of pink this month. What is supposed to happen is the winner is supposed to make something from it and show the following month, not an obligation but a suggestion. I think from memory since we started this 2 years ago that 4 things have been made from the winners of the bags. So for me this is my next project. Give me a day or two and i will have an idea of what i am going to do. As usual i will show it as it is forming step by step until it is finished.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Table Cloths

The roses are going to be in her bouquet, possibly red to be decided later on, I just like the yellow to show details.
Kangaroo Paw is going to be in the bouquet too
Showing some autumnal colouring,
little book of fabric i am sending my daughter for possible table coverings. I would like to make a runner for the bridal table with floral applique as a keepsake
The 5 fabrics for her to pick from
Possible table settings, more on that later. The decorations are going to be quite simple with potted herbs and pillar candles decorated with local pine cones...

Friday, September 4, 2009

Rosemary Valadon

Rosemary Valadon is an artist who is also my Son In Laws mum. If you like oil paintings then check out her work here.
She is also a very lovely lady and it was wonderful to see her in Hill End where she lives and she looked after us properly when we went to visit last week. I saw some of her work, seeing them close up is so much more than in a picture on the net so if you get the chance to go to one of the galleries on her blog you will not be disappointed. Some of these works are huge! She lives in a beautiful part of the world and it should not be changed. Whilst they do rely on tourists to help keep the community alive they don't need development. so if you like atmosphere, open spaces, beautiful scenery, a sense of history and peace then do go and visit, if you want shopping and hi tech (mobile phones don't work here, nor do they have internet). They have 1 pub, 1 general store for bread, milk etc. and a post office. but the sound and sights of the wildlife made me breathless with a population of 120 everyone knows everyone and the pub is the place to be at the end of the day for a drink and catch up. I am so looking forward to going back, i have left a piece of my heart there after just 1 visit.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Whilst Meg was playing around with the monkey, Tilli was sitting pretty in her climbing post.

Monkey Marionette

The monkey is so close to being finished it is ridiculous! Temporary strings on him at the moment but you get the idea. Meg really loves him!!!
She spent ages just watching him dance before the camera when she got a hold of his dreads.
Front view
Back view and just about to start the dance. Meg watching closely

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


The theme of the wedding is formal, Suits Please Gentlemen! and the plates are all going to be either roses or autumn toned from either op shops or garage sales, This is on day one of the hunt from Savers in Greensborough, My daughter and son in law are then going to choose to keep the pieces they want as a set, then re donate the rest where they can then be sold again to raise money for charity. All the plates here are in fact white but look cream to pick up on their design. They all have a silver edging too. She is going to have roses and Kangaroo paw in her bouquet. We are also going to have secondhand cutlery, so if you know a good place to shop (20c per piece we were thinking of spending on knives and forks, let us know!).
We are also on the look out for copper pots/kettles/containers. We want to fill them with herbs and have them growing in the pots as part of the table decorations.

Hill End NSW

This is me and Romy (Michaels mum), stopping at a very pretty spot in the mountains, Romy drove her 4 wheeled drive down the Bridle Path near her home. Quite a hairy experience, very narrow, very rocky, Wild mountain goats roam and climb all over and to see them is to take your breath away. a lovely tranquil place.
Romy is an Artist and she lives in Hill End, and she is a really lovely lady to boot! I am so glad that she likes us too! and i know that she really loves my daughter as much as we do.
Kangaroos!!!!! This is seen from Romys garden, they are in fact just on the other side of the road but seen through binoculars you can see the wind ruffling their fur without disturbing them. Everywhere you go, the Kangaroos can go too, so you see their prescence everywhere, (kangaroo poop i am taking about here not a problem in my eyes, it does not smell in the least, little dark brown nuggets!)
This is the Hotel/pub that we stayed in Room 18 We hope to book the same room again for the wedding.

Cats of the Day

This happy pair of cats are Stephanie and Michaels two darlings, (i was never short of a cuddle from this pair the whole time i sat down, or laid down!). Wiss and Leigh. They are cuddling their favourite cushion, a bright pink plush cushion.


This is my dress as Mother of the Bride. Brand new with tag, bought from an opp shop whilst in Sydney looking in my daughters favourite shopping haunts. She found it, i tried it on, it looks great and she is happy! How good is that! for $9.50!! I love it, in fact i had one of these dresses quite a few years ago.
This is a cream lace coat bought today from Savers in Greensborough It has purl buttons, It looks white on the photo but is darker in actuality and looks great with the dress. All i need are the shoes and i will wait until closer to the time to get that.

Hill End NSW

Our room at the hotel. The floor is slanted! so very very cool.
I am back! boy did that week go quickly! over 200 photos to go through, i had the most fantastic time, and will post more later, Have so much reading to do with all the blogs that i follow. Got a lot done already, ideas being formed as to how the wedding is going to be. Adored where we stayed, this is our room at the hotel/pub. All the bed rooms slant! to be there and see the sun rise and all the kangaroos, rabbits and the birds just everywhere, and population 120 people. 1 and a 1/2 hours drive from Bathurst, the nearest town, 4 hours drive from Sydney Airport. to give you some idea of the distance.