Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Quilt Continued.

They are not ironed on yet, but they are placed where I want them.
I thought I might show you a close up of the fabric I used on the dragons.

A Good Idea.

I have made my templates out of a plastic table mat and then discovered that I could not write on it with a pen, it would rub off so I hit upon this idea. Write it anyway with a felt tip pen and then cover what you wrote with sticky tape. Problem solved!

Aussie Hero Quilt In Progress.

This is the Aussie Hero quilt I am working on at the moment. His favourite colours are red, blue and black and dragons. I will be appliqueing 2 dragons on the quilt, I have the image I want, Just have to go to Office works to get it resized. One dragon will be red and the other black, they will be positioned on the quilt tail to tail.

Cute Stuff.

Abby Glassenberg has shared with us her delightful little doll pattern. Perfect for the littlies hands.