Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Charity Makes for 2012

This is one of the chairs so far, work in progress. The green cord will be wrapped around the frame with leaves attached and the flowers are pinned on for effect. They will have a lot more detail different shapes and colours and will be buttoned on.
Charity makes so far. 3 and 4 ply baby premature hats in various sizes and an Isolette cover.
I have zip bags in hand and as soon as the items are finished they go into the bag ready to take to the hospital as soon as they are needed. I have another zip lock bag with the pattern and yarn with the next one in progress
This is my fabric haul for the Charity makes.
I had a $40 Spotlight voucher from my son and his girlfriend and I spent the lot on this fabulous haul, making the most of the sale at the moment. All the fabric I have bought as already reduced and the current sale of dress fabrics gave me another 30% off enabling me to get a larger amount of fabric for my money. I had simply the best time choosing. Thank you so much for my Christmas gift. This is kept in plastic with another bag around it until it is used and away from my cats.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Fairy Chairs.

The Fairy chairs are now spray painted. This one will make the pink pop. It will have vine leaves twisting up the legs.
It looks quite bluey but is really purple.

Birthday Giveaway

Lavender Quilts is having a Birthday Giveaway. Click on the picture to be transported there. Good Luck!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Prep Chairs

I have been asked to make fantasy chairs for 2 pep classes. One in purple and one in pink.
This first chair will be sprayed purple and have a cover that encloses the round seat by undoing the screws and building a cushion around it. The toys will be hot glued and sewn to the frame as if they were playing. All of the components were bought from Savers. The chair was half price at $1.50 two packets of soft toys at $3 each, the cushion insert $1.50. the rest will be from my stash.

This is the pink chair in progress. The chair was free from a nature strip. I will be spray painting the chair green. From Savers came the cushion insert $1.50, the pink fluffy cover $1 and the buttons for the centre of the flowers $3. The flowers I made cardboard templates and drew them onto wool coats from my stash, they are going to be blanket stitched in place and will be on both sides of the chair back. I will be adding green leaves too.

The flowers I made cardboard templates and drew them onto wool coats from my stash, they are going to be blanket stitched in place and will be on both sides of the chair back. I will be adding green leaves too.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas

Tilli in one of her favourite sleeping places.
Christmas gift for a very good friend.
This year i made using plush curtain fabric and buttons two birds and a tiny dragon for my friend. I bought this decorative bird cage that I know she will turn into a tea light candle holder, She is very crafty in the nicest possible way.
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2012.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Charity Makes for 2012

Foe a couple of weeks I have been looking to find specific charities close to home that i can deliver the goods too. This one is the Special Care Nursery at Mercy Hospital in Heidelberg, a 60 bed care facility. They need Isolette covers Pattern available here

They also need baby hats pattern specific this it here.

This is very special to me cos I was a premature baby nearly 50 years ago.
Anyone else making things for Charity that could give me some leads on where else to look in Melbourne, groups etc?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Makes.

These Pin Cushions are this weeks makes. They are for the teachers next week. Made from wool blanketing and Christmas ribbons and buttons.

Christmas Giveaway.

From Millrose Quilts
is this wonderful Giveaway Package. Would you like to win it? then give it a go and click on the picture to be magically whisked away to the blog. I think it is just delightful.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

ACDA Christmas Party.

Yesterday we had out ACDA Christmas Party. Table Decorations.
Some of the Pincushions in the Pincushion Swap.
Doll of the Month winners and then one is chosen for Doll of the Year. The winner was the 3rd one.
Traveling Dolls. Each doll left their owners wearing just underwear. They have been to many people having items and clothing added and a journal of their travels added to a book along the way. They have been away for almost a year and they are finished and ready to go back to their owners today.
All the dolls were from the same pattern but the use of fabric changes the shape and size of each doll. This is what makes making dolls very exciting.

Every 2 months they had to be passed onto the next person on your list and a piece of clothing, some items and journal written in.
It was challenging, exciting and a lot of fun to do.
Every one who took part enjoyed it very much.
It has been a fun year and looking forward to some more adventures in next years activities.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fairy Chairs.

All the Christmas gifts have been for Show and tell in Spotlight, Christmas pins and pincushions gifts have been given out, and the packages (87) have been put under the K.Mart Wishing Tree.

Now I am getting my bits and pieces together for the next project for the new year. 2 fairy chairs for the prep classes. These 2 chairs i picked up from the nature strip and one will be purple and one will be pink.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

School Work

This is what i have been working on the last 2 days. (With Meggie helping!)

The grade has been busy working on a caricature of themselves and I have sewn them onto a blanket i bought from Savers and using stuff from my stash, buttons, braids ribbons and zips have them all framed. This is ready for the class of 2011 graduation and will be hanging in the Art Room.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas and Cats

These pin cushions are made of pure wool blanketing and felt shapes blanket stitched onto them. with Christmassy fabric strips. Pudding pins and Fat 3/4s for the lovely ladies at Spotlight and Savers this year, I have about 8 more to make. I will go and hand them to the staff and wish them a very Merry Christmas some time next week.
Tilli getting into the spirit of things, The cats Just LOVE paper.