Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Front Cover Finished.

I finished off my front cover of my Crafternoon folder with chain stitch. I am please with how it pops.

Crafternoon Folder Cover

My Crafternoon cover idea. The girls in my Crafternoon group will be covering their folder and embellishing it with whatever they like, beads, buttons, braid, stitchery or whatever. One of the ideas I have used on mine is with bias binding.  I chose a picture and printed it, traced it onto some thin greaseproof paper and pinned it on. The girls can do the same kind of thing if they like, either their own art work or from a colouring book or a copyright free picture, Thinking and choosing what yo uwant to do is half the fun.

 I then pinned my bias binding over the top and carefully tore the paper away from the area I was stitching bit by bit. I changed my sewing threads to suit the colours I have chosen.

 This is it so far. A lovely afternoons stitching. It may or may not have more stitching on the front, But I do know I will be decorating the spine.