Friday, November 13, 2009

ACDA Meeting

We had our cloth doll club meeting today at A.C.D.A. and i took in my bag of stuff i had made for the K. Mart Christmas Tree and the ladies loved them all. To make it even more special to me is that unbeknown to me they are actually asking for more donations this year, so i am more than happy i have pushed myself this year.
Going to get on with the final push now, and the next time you see this particular thread is the final pictures.
I am more pumped than ever to finish, so i must first get off the computer!

I WILL reach my goal of 100

I thought you might like an up date on my K Mart Christmas Tree dolls and stuff.
So as of this evening, this is where i am with it. only another couple of weeks to go, so here it is.
Total so far.

18 knitted bears.
50 dolls.
14 Cross Stitch Kits.
8 Pencil Kits.
4 Elephants.

Cut out ready to stuff and sew,
6 dolls.

Need to finish off,
Buttons on jumpers.
Press studs on dresses.
faces on dolls.

Total on toys = 100.

All this = a busy 2 and a half weeks