Friday, July 24, 2009

Space Hopper girl continued

From the pictures you can see that i am using the drape, cut and sew method (i am in Awe of the show Project Runway on Foxtel at the moment) which is why i am making this doll in this way,

I will continue like this until the doll is covered, making sure that the face is smooth on the front! The hands will be made separately (cos of wired fingers), but they will be mitten type. Toes will be needle sculpted. All the time with my tape measure measuring each part of the limb before sewing up, smoothing out the skin and adding a little stuffing here and there. I want them to be similar sized at least!

Wired Wrapped

Wire wrapped in wadding off cuts. It looks a little dumpy, lumpy and bumpy. this is before it has muscle definition. The wadding will compact a lot by the time it is finished. The skin of the doll is going to be made by using the drape, cut and sew method.

Her outfit is going to be tights so her legs will be covered completely. She will be wearing a long sleeve jumper with an overdress (popular in the 70s) that is going to be wired in the hem to simulate the wind and her hair will be wool that i will glue over a form (more on that later).

Cat of the Day

Meggy is the Cat of the Day , Playing Feathers, one of our favorite games.

Space Hopper Girl

This may look odd but it is the skeleton of my Space Hopper Girl. Some minor adjustments to be made but the dimensions are correct. This ballon is not the one i am making the Space Hopper from, just one that is the same size.

This doll is much different to the one before, This is the basic pose. Again this is just an idea developing as you see it. I had so much fun the last time! Basic shapes will be formed as before the body starting from the inside out. This time however i will be wrapping the wire with off cuts of quilters batting from The Pillow Factory and tying it to the wire to get muscle definition. This is a first for me . From this i will be tracing around on to cardboard the individual pieces, soles of the feet, feet, lower legs, upper legs, bottom to waist, waist to neck, hands to wrist, wrist to elbow, elbow to shoulder and then the head.

I Made This!

My sons boots. I think it is called refashioning. They were a pair of Swede trousers from the opp shop and i cut them up and turned them up side down, chopped the top off and sewed them wrong sides to right sides for the turn down flap. All for a pirate costume.