Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Covered Tape Measures.

 This is what I am making at the moment. Thank you gifts for Christmas. These are what I am making to hand out to all the staff at Spotlight and Savers this year as a Thank you for the lovely service they provide when they serve me. The retractable tape measures I bought on ebay for $1 each and free postage was a great deal and the rest is from my stash and looks so much more than what it will cost to make.

What you will need is 3 circles covered with fabric with wadding and fabric. One of the circles has a hole in it to accommodate the button on the retractable tape measure so that the button is not restricted and can still be felt. this will be sewn onto the bottom of the measure. The other two circles will be sewn together ladder stitch style to accommodate the pins.

The band around the centre is just a strip of fabric glued onto cardboard the same width as the measure leaving a gap for the tape to move freely.

Ladder stitch the double section to the top where the measure does not have the button to the middle band and the single circle with the hole on the bottom where the measure has the button.
Add a few pins to show how to use it and you are done.
 Very cute simple low cost gifts.
Close up.
Now that we are in July I am getting into Christmas mode and will be making the Charity toys too. I am thinking teddy bears and dolls this year.