Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Shopping and Makes.

 A couple of posts ago I had a call out for where I could buy blank cards at $15c each, ( I have since found some on ebay) The lovely Kaylee who is also an Aussie Hero supporter did more than that, She sent me some card stock. What an Angel! Do go and have a look at her blog, Just delightful. http://kraftykaylee.blogspot.com.au/ I am so blessed with the friends I have in blog land.
 I have been busy making cords all week too. Each in a bundle of 4.
 This is what I have done with the cardstock. On one side I have put a crossword and on the other side the answers, my details, a joke or two, an Aussie flag sticker and I have cut up some wrapping paper to add a bit of colour.
On Saturday I went out with my best friend to Victoria Market. Look at what she bought me, A pair of Aussie Moccasins Purple!!! I cannot believe how comfortable and warm they are. This is my first ever pair of slippers! (I have already been advised by her and my daughter not to wear them outside! Lol! They know me only too well!).

PNG Baby Quilts/Wraps.

 The Internet at my house has been down for a few days so this is going to be a big post! I have started making the PNG Quilts/baby wraps. This roll of cotton waffle fabric is ideal for the backing of some of them.
 I also found this fleecy at Savers.
 I cut out thirty six 6 1/2 inch squares, sewn them into 3s 
 sewn those into rows.
 Then I cut them in half.
 Trimmed them into 8 1/2 inch blocks.
 Sewed 4 together in a row.
 Sewed those rows together to make a 32 inch square.
 Added the backing and turned it right sides out. I will be sewing the opening closed and stitching it all around the outside and add some quilting to it. I have got 4 of these sewn as tops so far.
These are some of the other materials that I am going to use for PNG. They are 36 inches square and will be sewn whole. I have 15 of these.