Thursday, July 30, 2009

Painting the Space Hopper

The final layer of the Space Hopper is usually, well originally orange. But i did not have orange paint, i had green. I love this colour, it reminds me of avocado. Using the glue i already had i added poster paint to the mixture. I have painted almost half of it and now it is in the sun, but away from the wind to dry.
I will check it periodically through the day and turn it around to hopefully get dry.
The glue has made the paint look plastic/rubbery I hope it dries like that.
I have also painted the feelers, handles. Tubes of fabric stuffed and pipe cleaners added inside too. The paint in the jar has got a piece of plastic film over the top of the paint. I hope that this will help stop a skin from forming so that later i can finish painting it.