Sunday, January 17, 2016

Shopping And Finds.

 Yesterday I did some fabric sorting. I went through all the fabrics I had and took all the dressmaking fabrics I had that I do not have time to use and other fabric assortments down to Savers in Greensborough. I went in the store and the first thing I bought was this photo album. I am transferring all my last years pictures into it so that I can fill the little albums with this years photos of my makes into the small albums.
 This is what I bought back with me from Savers. I am always on the look out for inclusions in my gift packs for Aussie Heroes. I look out for cards, These have hand painted Australian wildflowers.
 Lovely stationary.
 Cute animal wild life with wonderful envelopes.
 Sometimes you get Really Lucky. I took a walk around my area, (something I should do more often) and saw this box on the nature strip among other things.
I opened it up to find these. I knocked on the door to make sure that they were for picking up and indeed they were! I am a very lucky girl indeed.
From the Reject shop I bought these emery boards. $2 each for a pack of 30. These will be included in the gift packs too. I will use these ones for the boys and keep the pink ones I already have for the girls.

Just For Myself.
I was visiting my friends blog, and she posted about this. Splendid Sampler. I thought this might be something I can do, just for me. So I have signed up. Very excited. Go to the blog to find out more. See you there!